Glacier Alley

South America – Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Falkland Islands

A South American journey to the "End of the World".

Start in Santiago, Chile, make your way to the port of San Antonio. Board your ship for 14 days of some of the most spectacular scenery you will see in your lifetime.

Head south down the western coast of Chile in the South Pacific Ocean. First stop, Puerto Montt, capital of the Los Lagos (The Lakes) Region. Experience Patagonia and the majesty of the Osorno Volcano. Continue heading south, stopping in Puerto Chacabuco, Glacier Alley, and Punta Arenas. You are in Tierra del Fuego. Cruise the Straits of Magellan. Stop at Ushuaia, Argentina. Take a catamaran tour of the Beagle Channel, which is named for the HMS Beagle, the ship that Darwin sailed on. You see wildlife such as, sea lions, Imperial Cormorants, and the Southern Albatross.

Round Cape Horn into the Drake Passage where sailors used to pray for a safe journey around the Cape. See the monument to the over 10,000 who didn't make it. Head north across the South Atlantic Ocean to the Falkland Islands or as they are called in Argentina, the Islas Malvinas. From there it's on to Montevideo, Uruguay. After that is Buenos Aires, a city like no other.

It was quite a journey, one that I will not forget. I took thousands of photos. Here are just a few with more to come.

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