Purchasing Online

Purchasing on-line is a simple and straightforward process. Please visit the gallery of your choice. You can pick out your options from the thumbnail or click to enlarge the image and your options will be available in the lower right-hand corner of the image. For more specific instructions please visit our ordering guide.

Do I need an account?

No, you can order and check out from your shopping cart as a guest. There are advantages to having an account, such as being able to track your order and having your information stored for easier ordering in the future. The choice is up to you.

Returns and Exchanges

If you are not satisfied with your purchase from David Kogan Urban Landscape Photography for any reason you may return it for a complete refund. You will be responsible for return shipping costs.

Shipping and Delivery

All shipping and handling to the Continental United States (48 states) is priced using a flat rate. International Shipping and shipping to Alaska and Hawai'i will have a surcharge.


You can contact us by using the contact form or by calling 773-743-6238.

Open Editions vs. Limited Edition

Open Editions means that an unlimited number of prints will be made depending on demand. Limited Editions have a limit on how many prints will be made. Generally speaking, Limited Editions will have a maximum of either 20 or 35 prints.

Unframed or Framed

You have a choice of purchasing your print either framed or unframed. A Face Mounted Acrylic Print that is unframed will be backed and have a box frame on the back of the print that makes it ready for hanging. A Face Mounted Acrylic Print may also be framed, which is also ready for hanging.

You may purchase prints in a variety of sizes. They come in a clear bag with a backing board. Finishing or framing would be your responsibility.

Certificate of Authenticity

Each photograph will have a Certificate of Authenticity stating that your photograph was produced by David Kogan Urban Landscape Photography.

Hanging Instructions

There are various ways to hang your artwork.

Hanging Instructions for acrylic prints and lager framed artwork

Care and Environmental

The care for Face Mounted Acrylic Prints and any framed photos that use acrylic glazing (which we use for our framed photos) is similar. They should not be cleaned with a cleaner that is intended to be used for glass, such as Windex. You should use a soft chamois cloth to lightly wipe any dust of the surface. If you get something on the acrylic that needs something stronger, we recommend Novus Plastic Cleaners, which come in various strengths. They are available online at Amazon.

Please be aware that all of our prints are printed using the best archival materials and use UV absorbing acrylic. The simple truth though, is that no matter what archival methods are used nothing can protect artwork from direct sunlight. Therefore we recommend that if at all possible to keep your artwork out of the path of direct sunlight. Something rated for 200+ years will not last 200 years if it is in direct sunlight.

Lighting Artwork

Light affects framed artwork and photographs. It is important to take this into consideration when hanging your artwork. In general artwork behind glass or a Face Mounted Acrylic Print generally benefits from broad base lighting. There are many choices in lighting such as, Track, Recessed, and Picture Lights. If you have any questions it is always best to contact a lighting expert. You can feel free to call us for information.


All major credit cards and PayPal are accepted.

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