How to Order

Open Editions

All images in the open editions collection are available to order online. There are several options available. Open Edition prints are printed to the same high standards as Limited Edition prints. They are not numbered as there is no limit on how many can be issued.

They are available in the following formats:

11" x 17" Unframed Archival Print

  • 8.25" x 14" image area on 11" x 17" Fine Art Archival paper

This is suitable for framing at a framer of your choice. Shipped in a Clearbags Protective clear plastic bag with backing board.

17" x 26" Unframed Archival Print

  • 13" x 23" image area on 17" x 26" Fine Art Archival paper

This is suitable for framing at a framer of your choice. Shipped in a Clearbags Protective clear plastic bag with backing board.

Face Mounted Acrylic Prints are printed on a pearlescent metallic acid-free paper and face-mounted to UV absorbing acrylic. The print is bonded to the acrylic under very high pressure forming one piece that has incredible detail and depth. They are available in 3 different sizes:

  • 15" x 30"
  • 48" x 23"
  • 60" x 30"

There are several finishing options available. All have polished edges.

Frameless with Shadow Box on back. This option allows the print to float off the wall approximately 1". It is a very clean, contemporary look.

Framed: choice of 5 different frames at various prices.

Ordering Process

Ordering is quite simple. When you click on an image that you are interested in, you will see a larger view of that image. Within a few seconds an ordering box will display in the lightbox image where you will be able to select the size and options that you would like to add that to your shopping cart. From there you will be taken to your shopping cart and be able to complete your order.

The images below represent the ordering process. Please click/tap on them to see details.

Any time you need additional information or would like to discuss custom options you can call me at 773-743-6238 or email me via the contact form.

Limited Editions

Limited Editions are available in one size: 32" x 18".

Limited Editions are printed on a heavy, fine art cotton rag paper such as Moab Entrada Bright White. They are printed exclusively by me, hand-signed and numbered.

They will be limited to 35 prints. Once that limit is reached there will be no more prints made.

The framing is of the very highest quality. All archival material is used.

At present, there are 5 frames that I am using. The framed pieces are approximately 29" x 44".

If there is something else that you would like, please call 773-743-6238 or email me via the contact form.

Sales Tax

It is required by law that David Kogan Urban Landscape Photography collect Illinois State Sales Tax on any purchase that takes place in the State of Illinois and delivered in the State of Illinois.

If an item is delivered outside of the State of Illinois we will not collect any sales tax. You are responsible for any and all reporting in the state where you live.

Terms of Sale

By purchasing a print, you are granted the right to display the print at your home or place of business or any location that you desire. You cannot use the photo in any advertising or publicity without permission from David Kogan.

David Kogan Urban Landscape Photography retains all copyright rights to the image.

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