Sunday Morning Chicago

“I can’t find anyplace like Chicago. You know I love this place.” – Archibald MotleyLoveChicago

That’s how I feel. I love Chicago. No matter where I travel it makes me appreciate it even more. The people, the architecture, the streets, the politics, the El, the parks, Lake Michigan. There’s not a lakefront like this anywhere in the world.

Sunday Morning is even more special. It’s empty, quiet, desolate. It is my favorite time of day in my favorite city.

In the moments before sunrise, the hour depends on the season,  Sunday morning is unique. The light is filtered, reflected from the sky. The sounds are different. While the city sleeps its stark, sometimes gritty beauty is revealed. Before it wakes you have it all to yourself.

Sunday Morning, Chicago, IL., Before Sunrise to 7:30am.


  • Chicago River
  • Chicago River at Lake Street
  • Fulton Market
  • Halsted Street Bridge
  • Grand Ave
  • Behind Waveland Golf Course
  • Ducks at Foster
  • Fullerton Ave Underpass – Lincoln Park