June 2021 – Garage Sale

Garage Sale - Saturday, June 18th &
Sunday, June 19th
10 am to 6 pm

Summer is here, the pandemic is somewhat under control, baseball is back, museums are open, the lakefront is open, you no longer have to wear a mask in Costco (if you're vaccinated), I'm no longer doing art fairs, and my basement is filled with framed photos. It's the perfect time to have a garage sale.

Seriously, I'm going to have a garage sale and just about every photo, framed and unframed, that's in my basement is going to be on sale at 70% off the original price. That means if it was priced at $300, it's going to be $90 for the weekend. If it was $1,500, as in my Limited Edition series, it will be $450. I have a few, very large 30"x60" acrylic prints in frames that sell for $1,500. They will be $450. Prints that were $150 will be $45. Really, the framing alone would cost more than this at any frame shop.

Stop by, take a look. Maybe you'll find something for your home and help me get this basement under control.

Park on the street in front and walk back to the garage. We'll treat this like the supermarkets do. If you're vaccinated, masks are probably not necessary. If you are more comfortable with a mask then wear one. Inside the garage I'll try to limit it to two or three people at a time. The garage doors will all be open.

Address: 6418 N. Wayne Ave, Chicago. Park in front and come on back to the alley.

For directions click HERE. For any questions please CONTACT me.

For a sampling of what is going to be available click on any image below.

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